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Your Race, Or The Human Race?

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I came across a program on, I think it was TV1. It was a panel of maybe 12 or so black activist (I guess that’s what they were) who were having a discussion on various African American issues. The discussion was hosted by Roland Martin, a man I truly respect and admire for his “fresh perspective” on things- not just political, but also social.

Seeing that Roland Martin was moderating the discussion, and being an admirer of his perspective on most issues, I decided to watch. Rev. Al Sharpton was one of the participants in the panel, and I must say, I grow increasing respect for the man for his wisdom. All the participants in the discussion, for the most part,  made very valid points and suggestions, and all were very passionate about the building up of the African American community. It was sort of inspiring. But then something occurred to me.

Yes, it was the same talk you hear amongst African Americans on establishing pride, and justice, and civil rights, and social equality, and education, and family, and so on and so forth.  But if blacks want to be socially equal, why hold these discussion amongst just themselves.  As I watched this ongoing panel discussion, it almost seemed like more of a pep rally. Everyone giving their words of motivational advice to go out and fight. Yes, blacks need to fight, but don’t you think the fight has changed? If people want to get past the issue of race and to start living as equal then it is not wise  as a race to talk in a subcultured manner as if we’re battling one another. The fight in America has changed. The economy is in complete despair. It’s not black against white anymore, it’s rich against poor. We have an African American President. African Americans shattered the race barrier the day the First Black family moved into the White House.

It’s time to move past building up one race or another. It does more harm then good in the long run. The division of class is more dangerous the the division of  race.  If we can all work together and work toward building the lower class together, we will improve our country far more greater than just working to build our own particular races. Our energy to help can be better focused if everyone works together. Our economy is strained, yet the rich are getting richer, and not only are the poor getting poorer, More people are sinking to the poverty level. Focusing our energies on We The People instead of Black Power or White Power, will build our country and take it back from the corporations and the rich that are driving it to the dirt. The rich may have the money to buy off politicians, but the rich can not buy and extra vote come election day. One person, one vote.

If we all can define what we want this country to be, and focus on the politicians who share our vision we can start getting somewhere. If politicians seem to be corrupt then we vote there sorry asses out and vote in people who will up hold the Constitution and not ignore it nor try to change it. We the people have to right to revolution if the government is not doing what’s right by it’s people. But we can no do that if we are so divided by something such as race. Sure we should be proud of our own person heritage and culture, but we are also citizens of one of the greatest nations in the world: The United States of America. And until we become the United Citizens of American, we can not expect major change nor can we expect those above us to put our wants and need along side theres. Unity is the key to progress. Think about it.


Written by jacksoncurtis

September 7, 2010 at 5:13 pm