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To whom the choice belongs…

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Folks who don’t support gay marriage are well within their rights to not do so. If you don’t agree with your gay neighbor marrying his or her same-sex partner that’s your absolute right. But it’s not right to protest the union of of two people who truly love one another and wish to have their relationship legally recognized.

Homosexuality in the U.S. is widely looked at as taboo; so much in fact many gay and lesbian individuals will hide their sexual orientation out of simple fear of persecution from family, friends and the overall general public. So when someone comes that point in their life where they are comfortable with who they are, and decide to let it be known to the world that they are in fact gay, we should not ridicule them for being brave enough to stand up to society and say, “This is who I am, and I’m comfortable with it.” We should applaud them and accept it, and not make their lives uncomfortable because deep inside we don’t have the guts to admit our own true characteristics that make us different from the majority.

When two gay people come together and decide to make a life time commitment, why not afford them the same right to be happily married. The holy matrimony of two same-sex individuals is not a threat to the to the institution of marriage.  People argue that marriage is sacred between a man and a woman, but the high divorce rate in the U.S. even for couples being married for the first time contradicts the argument of sacredness.

It’s sad when we live in a free country where we use our personal beliefs to discriminate against those different from us, thus, preventing the tie that binds. ┬áJust a few short decades ago blacks and whites who wished to wed one another were met with the similar opposition. Our culture has made significant progress since those days, and I believe the day will soon come where it’s no longer a fight for the right to marry whoever makes you happy, without legal or social opposition. Let’s get it together America.


Written by jacksoncurtis

August 18, 2010 at 3:55 am