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Capitalistic Society

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We all take issue with the Federal Reserve for good reason.
Our dollar is losing value because the Fed has the ability to effortlessly make money out of “thin air”.
People see this and say it has to stop because it will inevitably destroy our economy.
It’s constantly suggested that we go back to the gold standard.

But isn’t this the issue we face being a capitalistic society? Don’t we need a Central bank to loan out more money when we have the ability to buy and sell goods and services.
If we strictly went by the gold standard we would eventually run out of money.

According to Forbes, there were 403 billionaires in the US, as of March 2010. And according the Wall Street Journal, there were 3.1 million millionaires in 2010, with a combined wealth of $11.6 trillion. That is AT THE VERY LEAST (assuming all billionaires only had $1billion each) $12 trillion in combined wealth.

In a capitalistic society money is power so there for people make money to save money. And if people who are making big money, are also saving big money it eventually thins out the money supply. If the millionaires and billionaires are holding onto at least $12 trillion that’s less money circulating. The more money people are saving means the more money we will inevitably have borrow from the Fed.

No matter what any person says, EVERYONE wants to be wealthy. Everyone wants financial freedom and the ability to live life just as they please. Yet, we argue against the practices of a system that grants us the potential to one day rich, the very thing we all want.

Not only was this system designed to keep the US in debt, it was designed to fail.


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August 21, 2011 at 2:37 pm

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