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Parting Parties

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What if….. This great national we call the United States of America did something extraordinary. What if America detached from her bi polar arrogance by setting aside the constant political competitiveness that enables propaganda and manipulating methods that mislead the citizens who are occupied with personal issues and obligations and lack time and or motivation to learn the truth behind what they are voting for.

Democrat and Republican are the primary political parties that make up our government. Ideological difference between the two cause social disruptions as the two parties constantly fight for control of the Executive and Legislative Branches of government so that they can selfishly carry out their ideological agenda for the entire country. When these two branches of government are split, you pretty much get a stale mate; because one party Hates to help the other party look productive cause then voters see no reason in handing power back over to the other party. It’s a pathetic cycle. So much negativity is perpetuated in a system that is supposed to help make our country better. Anyone who steps back and observes our political system can see it causes more strife and is full of more corruption than US citizens are even aware of.

What if the American government came to the realization that staying together just for the kids, maybe isn’t such a wise idea and that maybe a divorce is sometimes necessary to spare the back and forth heartache. In other words, divide the country in half; Republicans have 25 states, Democrats have 25 states.  Now the tug of war for power can end, and people can live in the political world of their choosing. Yes, it would obviously require major reform, but at the same time once it’s all said and done, everyone gets what they generally want. The direction our country is going now, we are facing a meltdown. No one wants to cooperate because Democrats and Republicans live in subcultures and are extremely reluctant to go across the aisle to do what’s ultimately in the best interest of the American people.  Too many politicians want to play it safe for the sake maintaining power. Separate the parties, then the parties can run things their own way without being blocked by the opposition.


Written by jacksoncurtis

October 27, 2010 at 11:00 pm

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