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It IS About Money. Part I

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When it comes to money, the only people you will hear say anything about not wanting or needing money are the people who don’t have money and see no way of ever acquiring large amounts of it. These people have come to terms with their financial status and are content knowing they’ll never be wealthy.  They know money will bring them a new comfort in life, but feel foolish trying to obtain it, so in order to avoid seeking wealth, they convince themselves that money is not the answer to a fulfilling life…. But it is.

People who are Million dollar rich, know the ups and downs of having money. They know money can bring in a lot of enemies and people scheming on ways to get their money, but they also know one thing. They would much rather have money and all the problems that come with it, rather than having to work a fixed schedule, 40hrs a week just to make ends meet. Cause even if you are making $15 to $20/hr you can’t often afford to get sick and miss a week of work. The system for the working class isn’t designed for people to get ahead. It’s designed to keep you working clear to the age of 65 and maybe  longer. If you are working for some company, even making $20/hrs ($3,200/month), that company is profiting big off of your employment. While $20/hr is a great job, unless you manage your money very wisely, and lets be honest, most of us aren’t disciplined enough to manage our own finances, you’ll be working for that company clear into retirement. And it’s no secret, most us are not making anywhere near $20/hr. So while that’s a generous example, it’s not to realistic for everyday people. But it’s to illustrate the point that even making that much money still isn’t producing the financial freedom people would love to have.  Freedom from everyday financial worries, such as having enough to pay the bills for the months as well as keeping food on the table, allows a person to have peace of mind.

“Money is evil.” There is no way money can be evil if it gets you the things you need and want. Many people hold the idea that money is evil. They recite out of context bible references to back their theory. Money is freedom. Money is Comfort. Money is the ticket to have, be or do, pretty much what ever you wish. It’s what a person does with money that can be considered evil.

People feel money is hard to acquire. But that’s not true. Money comes. Walking down the side walk you see quarters, dimes, and nickles and most of us pick them up, but we often pass on the pennies. Why? Maybe because we are not as serious about money as we often think we are. “Oh a penny isn’t enough to do anything.” Pennies add up. Save! Money comes. It’s not a lot at once, but becomes a lot over time.  Passing up the penny you see on the ground really says a lot. But I’m not going to get into all that in the blog. But I will say this, Changing your attitude toward money will change you relationship with money. To have money is not a bad thing. To often we feel like having a lot of money means we have sold our souls. Many people feel, “Yeah, it would be nice to have millions.” but they don’t feel they deserve it or are worth it. And that’s where it starts. Rich people feel they deserve it and that they are worth it, So they get it.  It’s as if they attract it to their life because they feel it’s what they truly deserve, without a doubt. If given the chance, observe some rich person and take note at their seemingly, almost subtle air of arrogance. They feel they deserve every penny they have, no matter how they acquired it.  And that’s it, being rich, starts with your state of mind and attitude toward money. You get what you feel you are worth.  Money, money, money. It’s all about money.


Written by jacksoncurtis

October 15, 2010 at 3:57 pm

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